I would like to thank the people of Williton Ward

who voted for me in the District Council election.

As a newly elected councillor I will do my best to promote Williton, improve facilities and resolve problems. If you believe there is an issue I should know about contact me through this website, or you can phone or write.

If you are a member of a local organisation, I would be pleased to meet with your members, colleagues or friends. Listening to local people with all their knowledge, information and points of view, is the best way to make an informed decision about matters affecting all of us. I hope you will agree with the line I take as it will be an informed decision made in good faith.

This website will be further developed, and is being changed to as that is now more appropriate.

My thanks are due to those who helped me get a leaflet delivered to every household in Williton Ward which includes Doniford, Stream and even a few houses in Washford village. Whatever your choice in the election, you can rest assured that I will still be interested in your views when the election is long gone.

Please be patient as things don’t happen overnight. In my experience we need to keep trying and be prepared to compromise. We cannot expect too much in these difficult financial times. However, what can be done to improve Williton and West Somerset must be done.


was a slogan, now it is an ambition I will strive to achieve.

With your continued support it will happen.