Issues to address

Ian AldridgeThe issues below cannot be taken on their own. Each one can affect the others. For instance, building homes will affect families, schools and flooding.

There should be a long term plan for Williton. Looking at it would help decide where, how many and what type of homes are needed. From that we would know how many affordable homes to build for families and the number of extra school places needed for their children. The new houses should not be built where flooding is likely or will cause problems for existing houses.

I would make it a priority to draw up a long term plan. It cannot be done over night. In the meantime some issues will need more urgent attention. Care must be taken not to waste money on quick-fix short term solutions. With care, mistakes can be avoided, but without joined-up thinking resources will be wasted. A long term plan should help to avoid that.

Business Keep Williton centre commercial
More start-up business units
Buses Affordable fares
Later evening buses
Crime Keep a police base in Williton
Resist cuts to officers on the beat
Families Create play areas near homes
Safe walking routes to schools
Flooding Campaign for a flood relief scheme
Compile cost of previous floods
Homes Affordable homes for local people
Sensitive & sensible development
Jobs Encourage local long term jobs
Help existing businesses to grow
Leisure Promote building of the pavilion
Grants for community groups
Roads & Better maintained road markings
Enforcement of weight restrictions
Streets Timed lighting to conserve energy
Improved mobility access
Schools School plans put children first
Keep free school transport
Youth Permanent youth club facility
Help existing youth organisations