Living & working in West Somerset

I am asking for your vote to give me the opportunity to work for Williton.

My home has been in or nearby Williton since 1979. In that time I have raised a family and become involved in many local organisations. During the 1990’s I served as a district councillor on West Somerset Council, have served as a Williton parish councillor, twice as Chairman.

My employment has been in both private and public sectors; as a TV engineer, as a secondary school teacher for nineteen years, ten in Minehead, as a manager in the Public Health Laboratory Service in Taunton, the Health Protection Agency in London and for several private sector employers in West Somerset. Recently retired I would like to use my experience to work positively for everyone in Williton and West Somerset.

During the 1990’s I gained a science-based honours degree from the Open University. Personal interests include DIY, gardening, travel, music, voluntary work and spending time with my family. Recently I have studied law with the Open University.

My approach to all problems is to try and solve them collaboratively; no one has a monopoly on wisdom. Increasingly our decision making is influenced by environmental issues; not before time. Our production of energy and its inefficient use will come back to affect us all, but none more seriously than our children and grandchildren. I am not against modern technology, but I am against its irresponsible use leading to environmental damage. Difficult decisions lie ahead. I believe my experience and understanding of technical and scientific matters, and the value I place upon an environmentally sustainable existence, puts me in a good position to face those decisions.

Over the years I have benefited from the wider community and would like to put something back for the current and future generations.